A PhD Student to work on the NSF-TUBITAK project

WHERE: The SOPR Lab at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, Türkiye.

LENGTH: 3 years 


  • No travel, visa, and/or passport restrictions to the United States 
  • Interested in synthetic organic chemistry, catalysis, photo-redox chemistry, characterization via applied spectroscopic techniques


  • Aim to develop an efficient, selective, and catalytic methods for the synthesis of amines
  • Sustainable sources of transition metal catalysts, the benefits of which will be efficient production of economically important chemicals, increased efficiency in the use of energy, and the discovery of novel chemical reactivity


  • Expected to independently conduct research, publish scientific findings in prestigious journals and deliver verbal technical presentations in international conference
  • Has unique great opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team that encompasses expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, catalysis, photo-redox chemistry, and analytical techniques and characterization via applied spectroscopic techniques (NMR, MS, IR, etc.) at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, Türkiye

      Qualifications Expected from an Applicant

  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry (experienced with organic chemistry) OR master’s degree focused on synthetic organic, polymer chemistry and/or catalysis
  • Highly skilled in reading, writing, speaking and understanding of English (advanced) and highly skilled in computer skills (Microsoft Office etc.)
  • A strong background in chemistry (for both BS and MS candidates) and instrumentation (for MS candidates)
  • Hands on experience in ligand and complex synthesis (for MS candidates)
  • Understanding of chemo-, stereo- and site selectivity; having strong knowledge of writing reaction mechanisms and understanding the mechanistic routes; understanding asymmetric reductions and chiral/achiral molecules; being familiar with hydrosilylation reactions, catalysis, and coordination complexes (preferred)


  • Current CV
  • Personal Statement that describes candidate’s scientific background and interests, previous research experience and why he/she is interested in the position
  • 3 Academic/Industrial (from relevant fields) References with their contact info (email, phone number, etc.) 
  • Copy of Diploma and Transcript 
  • Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL IBT, YOKDIL, YDS, GRE etc.) and copy of ALES (domestic students only)


Please contact [email protected]

Please send all required documents in a single PDF file to [email protected]

The hiring will continue until the position is filled