Research at the SOPR Lab


      We use the tools of synthetic, polymer and supramolecular chemistry to develop structurally precise organic materials and polymers. Projects in the Cetin Research Group (Synthetic Organic and Polymer Research (SOPR) Lab) will involve synthetic organic, supramolecular and polymer chemistry, catalysis, photo-redox chemistry, ionic liquids, anti-cancer agents, small molecules, characterization via applied spectroscopic techniques, materials science and nanotechnology, nanofabrication, and the comprehensive testing of newly discovered materials. Current application areas of interest include but not limited to materials for electric vehicle batteries, toxic gas capture, metal ion removal/separation, fuel cells, energy harvesting and storage, drug delivery platforms, polymers (polycatenanes, polyrotaxanes, polypseudorotaxanes, etc.), molecular electronics, nano cells, separations technology, hydrogels, self-healing materials, the rational design of 2D/3D polymers, and the interaction of nanostructured materials with biological systems. Some selected and published studies are presented below.

(a) Post-synthetically elaborated BODIPY-based porous organic polymers (POPs) for the photochemical detoxification of a sulfur mustard simulant, (b) combining intra-and intermolecular charge transfer with polycationic cyclophanes to design 2D tessellations, (c) a supramolecular approach for modulated photoprotection, lysosomal delivery, and photodynamic activity of a photosensitizer, (d) supramolecular tessellations by a rigid naphthalene diimide triangle, (e) mechanical-bond-Induced exciplex fluorescence in an anthracene-based homo [2] catenane, (f) integration of enzymes and photosensitizers in a hierarchical mesoporous metal–organic framework for light-driven CO2 reduction, (g) synthesis of metalated pseudorotaxane polymers with full control over the average linear density of threaded macrocycles | synthesis and characterization of copper(I) complexes for study of dynamic supramolecular ring-chain equilibria and application as photoredox catalysts.