Biosensors MDPI highlights the @SOPR Lab collaboration review paper!

The review article titled as “Transducer Technologies for Biosensors and Their Wearable Applications” has been highlighted by the MDPI Biosensors (collaboration with Asst Profs Emre Ozan Polat, Ahmet Fatih Tabak and Ebru Bilget Guven, Assoc Profs Taner Arsan and Bengu O. Uysal, and students Anas Kabbani, Houmeme Hamed and Sumeyye Berfin Gul) The review article provides information about the biosensors: The development of new biosensor technologies and their active use as wearable devices have offered mobility and flexibility to conventional western medicine and personal fitness tracking. In the development of biosensors, transducers stand out as the main elements converting the signals sourced from a biological event into a detectable output. Combined with the suitable bio-receptors and the miniaturization of readout electronics, the functionality and design of the transducers play a key role in the construction of wearable devices for personal health control. Ever-growing research and industrial interest in new transducer technologies for point-of-care (POC) and wearable bio-detection have gained tremendous acceleration by the pandemic-induced digital health transformation. In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of transducers for biosensors and their wearable applications that empower users for the active tracking of biomarkers and personal health parameters.   This article belongs to the Special Issue of Wearable Sensing for Health Monitoring and can further be found and read at  


Transducer Technologies for Biosensors and Their Wearable Applications

Emre Ozan Polat, M. Mustafa Cetin, Ahmet Fatih Tabak, Ebru Bilget Güven, Bengü Özuğur Uysal, Taner Arsan, Anas Kabbani, Houmeme Hamed, Sümeyye Berfin Gül

Biosensors 2022, 12(6), 385

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